Year 2010

November 17, 2010 - registration of non-profit association with the official name the Search and Local History Club «Kamerad» (MTÜ Otsingu-koduloo klubi Kamerad)

Year 2011

January-October, 2011 - beginning of the negotiations with public and state structures about cooperation.

November 25, 2011 - information day "Archaeology and amateur metal detection in Estonia. Opportunities for cooperation" was held in the Narva Vocational Training Centre. It was attended by prominent archeologists: Aivar Kriyska read the report "Archaeology and History Prinarovya" and Mauri Kiudsoo - "the possibility of cooperation of archaeologists and metal detecting enthusiasts are fond of." Experts of the Department for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Armin Rudy Ants Kraut and Sigrid Keskküla talked about use of the search tools for findings with the cultural value and the permission to search.

Year 2012

February 16, 2012 - the beginning of organized club Kamerad, the first Estonian courses in Russian, successful completion of which gives the right to apply to the Department of protection of cultural monuments and antiquities for permission to use the search tools to look for items with cultural value.

Beginning of April 2012 – getting the first authorization for the use of search tools for finding items with cultural values.

April 26, 2012 - a member the club Kamerad Michael Stadnik found a treasure dating from the mid 16th century, and transferred it to the Department for Protection of cultural monuments and antiquities.

May 2, 2012 - Participation of members in conjunction with professional archaeologists organized by the Department of protection of cultural monuments and antiquities inspection of the construction site of the Tallinn-Tartu (Kose)

May 25, 2012 - The Department for the Protection of Cultural Monuments and antiquities, together with the Narva City Government and NGOs search and local history club Kamerad organized an information day on acquaintance with the underwater cultural heritage and its protection and issues of research. At the information day they dealt with the legal regulation of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in Estonia, as well as international practice. Activities carried out in the framework of an international project aimed at SHIPWHER and documentation of underwater archaeological research in the Baltic Sea and documentation of the underwater cultural heritage were highlighted.

The project was made available to the electronic database established under the project in the State Register of Cultural Property, which contains archives of shipwrecks, as well as information about the archaeological underwater work.

May - June 2012 - the club took part in archaeological excavations of a medieval castle Edis

Summer 2012 – the club helped a company Gradiens in the implementation of archaeological supervision at the building of the promenade along the River Narva and renovation of water networks in the old town of Narva.

September 21 - October 2, 2012 - the club in close cooperation with deminers of the Rescue Department worked on the territory of Estonia ES on the construction site inspection and cleaning of the territory from metal garbage and hazardous substances left in the ground after the fighting.

October 20, 2012 - taking part in the burial of the fallen Red Army soldiers found by the members of clubs Otsing and Kamerad at a mass grave in Sinimäe organized by the club «Otsing».

October 2012 - Awarding club thanksgiving diploma from the Department for the protection of cultural monuments and antiquities for the good cooperation in 2012.

Year 2013

January 18, 2013 - the start of courses in Russian in Tallinn.

February 2013 - participation in an international seminar organized by the German People's Union for the care of military graves held in the city of Kassel (Germany).

March 2013 - Project survey of the Narva River, together with Muinsukaitseamet. The discovery of an ancient anchor.

May 9, 2013 - Opening of the exhibition on the Second World War, the club Kamerad and MTÜ Narva Sõdade Muuseum based public museum in the building of the Narva Art School.

July-September 2013 - Large-scale exhumation work at the burial site of German soldiers in a cemetery in Sieverts.

August - September 2013 -help archaeologists during excavations of the altar "Roman period" Iron Age in Kohtla-Nõmme, the previously detected club members Kamerad Michael Stadnik and Eduard Kessel.

November 2013 - participation of the club in a seminar on 20th anniversary Muinsukaitseamet. Awarding the prize in a solemn ceremony and certificates "The best discovery of the year"  to the “Kamerad” club member Michael Stadnik.

December 2013 - Award of the club of thanksgiving diploma from the Department for the protection of cultural monuments and antiquities for the good cooperation in 2013.

Year 2014

December - January 2014 - Preliminary survey of the crash site locations Pe-2 21/12/2013 - 01/15/2014, revealed the presence at the site of many small fragments of the fuselage of the aircraft and one piece, (presumably a fragment of the fuel tank) allowing identification of the aircraft belonging to the Air the forces of the Red Army.

January 2014 - The rise of the Pe-2 aircraft. As a result of this work the most of the major parts of the aircraft were found. All of them have deformed or missing parts as a result of mechanical damage on impact with the ground and a possible explosion of the plane. They also found the remains of the pilots, who are in temporary storage Kamerad club and will soon be reburied or handed over to the relatives of the victims.

February-Avgust2014 year -the organization of the Mustve club members under the leadership of Igor Magi in close cooperation with the Rescue Board deminers work in the city of Mustvee survey the coastal urban areas and stripping area from metal garbage and hazardous substances left in the ground after the fighting.

March 26, 2014 - There was a memorial service held on the site of the crash Pe-2. In place of the crash were invited priests Narva Voskresensky Cathedral and performed a memorial service for the souls of the departed prematurely fallen soldiers.

April 2014 - together with the Department for the protection of cultural monuments and antiquities search works at the castle Kirumpää about Võru town- found the findings submitted to the Department of protection of cultural monuments and antiquities.

April 2014 - holding the club in close cooperation with deminers Rescue Department works Sinimäe survey the construction site of the school and the soccer field and stripping area from metal garbage and hazardous substances left in the ground after the fighting.

April 30, 2014 - training the members of the club together with Kamerad MTÜ Narva Sõjamemorial the cemetery 92nd Regiment to Pechora Cleanup. A survey of the cemetery was found a large amount of iron crosses, which after renovation will be installed on the graves of soldiers buried there.

May - June 2014 - Manufacture of rescue work on the exhumation of the German military burial at the site of a school building in the village Sinimäe.

June 2014 - In mid-June, together with the German and Swiss searchers attempted to find a German seaplane Blohm und Voss BV 138. According to archive data plane sank into the sea during transportation. The first stage of the expedition lasted four days. Using sonar was examined alleged plot the crash and marked underwater objects that required further examination. The weather was not very favorable for prospecting, but the head of the diving department of our club Anatoly Barinov this fact did not bother. Together with Swiss colleagues, he made several dives on the estimated results for the objects of their survey, but unfortunately the plane was not found. It is planned to carry out joint expeditions with German colleagues.

July 2014 - The first phase of the underwater survey of the mouth of the River Narva in Narva and Vasco Peipsi.

July 2014 - Excavation of a group "Search" club Kamerad burial of soldiers of the Red Army fighting in the area Krivasoo.

August 2014 - the diving department of our club (head Anatoly Barinov) in the waters of the Gulf of Narva was found sunken torpedo boat D-3 of the Baltic Fleet during the Second World War. Data detected boat passed the National Heritage Board with a proposal to accept the boat monument.

August 2014 - Helping archaeologists during an archaeological exploration in the old town of Narva. As a result of this work have been found: cobblestone pavement and the now-defunct Pagari streets, basements and foundations.

March - September 2014 - Detailed excavations at the site of the crash Pe-2.

August - October 2014 - Providing the Tartu branch of the club under the leadership of Alexander Kotkin help archaeologists during excavations at the place of medieval cemetery in Tartu outside Jakobi 25

20-21 September 2014 - participated in the filming of a documentary about the people involved in the search. September 21 the implementation of joint dive with the Department of National Heritage (Maili Roio) and divers of our club at the mouth of the River Narva and Narva Bay.

October 2014 - The work of excavation at the site of the Club of young seamen in Narva on Viru Street. Work was carried out under the leadership of the company Gradiens and archaeologist A. Nikitiuk.

Year 2015

February 14, 2015 - Participation in the international annual competition racing on makeshift sleds from Mount Laiuse mägi, Jõgeva called Talvetrall 2015, organized by the club Pommiauk.

March 2015 - participation of members Kamerad antiwar action «Ildisarmopartedame!» Project Senzatomicav Rome, aimed at a total ban on nuclear weapons.

March 21, 2015 - issue 200 th Course Certificate for the right to use of the search to find items with cultural value.

March 27, 2015 - the beginning of the project "Rakovor battle."

April 1, 2015 - the introduction of the international logo of the club.